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            產品簡介 Product Profile  


        ? HYC-EHA系列電動靜液作動器,是一種集成了伺服電機、 雙向柱塞泵(進出油方向可逆)、閥組、執行機構(油缸或馬達)、以及油箱、過濾器、傳感器等輔助元件的成套靜液傳動裝置。采用泵控容積調速,通過改變伺服電機旋向和轉速來調節執行機構運行方向和運行速度。

            HYC-EHA series Electro-Hydrostatic Actuator is a complete set of hydrostatic transmission device  that integrates servo motor, bidirectional pump, valves, and auxiliary components such as tank, filters and sensors. With the characteristics of pump-controlled volume speed regulation, the actuator can be manipulated by adjusting rotation direction and speed of servo motor.

        ? EHA將液壓系統的動力元件、控制元件、執行元件和輔助元件集成一體,安裝布局靈活,使用便利。

             EHA integrates power components, control components, actuators and auxiliary components of  the hydraulic system, making it flexible in installation layout and easy to use.

        ? EHA通常采用閉式回路,根據具體使用需求,也可以設計為開式回路或半開式回路。

            EHA is usually designed with a closed circuit, and may also be an open or semi-open circuit according to the specific needs.

        ? 本公司研制的四象限高壓柱塞泵,尤其適用于EHA。

            The four-quadrant high pressure piston pump developed by our company is especially suitable for EHA.

        ? 本公司為EHA研制的溢流&平衡閥,在提升EHA工作性能的同時,大幅簡化液壓回路,集成閥塊外形體積更小,重量更輕。

            The relief & counterbalance valve developed by our company for EHA can dramatically simplify the hydraulic circuit while improving the working performance of EHA. The integrated valve block is smaller in shape and lighter in weight.

        ? 本公司為EHA研制的流量匹配閥,適用于執行機構為非對稱油缸的應用需求。該閥標準產品為板式安裝,也可內嵌于泵的端蓋內部,有效提高EHA集成化程度。

           The flow-matching valve developed by our company for EHA is suitable for applications where the actuator is an asymmetric cylinder. The standard product of the valve is plate-mounted, and it can also be embedded in the pump to effectively improve the integration degree of EHA.

        ? EHA通常采用封閉式彈性油箱,以便EHA可工作于任意姿態。根據具體使用要求,可選擇采用活塞式增壓油箱,或氣囊式增壓/常壓油箱。

            EHA is usually designed with a closed elastic tank so that it can work in any posture. According to the specific requirements, you can choose to use piston-type pressurized tank or bag-type pressurized/atmospheric-pressure tank.

        ? 當應用環境為深海時,本公司可為EHA配置水壓補償器,使EHA內部壓力與外部水壓實時匹配。

            When applied to the deep sea, the EHA can be configured with a water pressure compensator, so that the internal pressure of the EHA is matched with the external pressure in real time.

        ? 必要時本公司可為EHA研制專用的液壓閥,以實現特殊功能需求或特殊安裝需求。

            If necessary, our company can develop special hydraulic valves for EHA to meet particular requirements.

        ? 不同用途的EHA,具體功能配置要求一般也不同,故EHA通常為定制產品,選型前請與本公司進行技術溝通。

            Generally, the specific configuration parameters of EHA varies when for different purposes, so EHA is usually a customized product. Please communicate with our company before selection.

            型號說明 Type Explanation



            The EHA hydraulic power source can be supplied separately, and the product type no longer contains the actuator parameters, which would be written in the form of "HYC-EHA.PS1kW-*".


            Due to the diversity of application requirements, EHA with the same basic model may have large differences in specific functions and configurations, so ususlly it is necessary to add a custom code for distinction. If the client does not specify, the custom code would be designed by the company.

        ? 在必要時,本公司可能對產品型號編制規則進行修訂,訂貨前請與本公司確認。

        If necessary, the company may revise the naming rules of product model.  Please confirm with the company before ordering.

        EHA典型液壓回路 Typical Circuit of EHA


        執行機構為雙作用對稱油缸 The actuator is a double-acting symmetrical cylinder


        執行機構為雙作用非對稱缸 The actuator is a double-acting asymmetric cylinder


        執行機構為帶彈簧復位的單作用缸 The actuator is a single-acting cylinder with a spring-return device


        執行機構為自由浮動的單作用缸 The actuator is a floating single-acting cylinder


        For applications with high response requirements, the actuator will be preferentially selected as a double-acting symmetrical cylinder.


        The typical hydraulic circuits are only used to explain how EHA works, which is designed according to the specific needs of client.

            EHA典型案例 Typical Case of  EHA


        Notes: The company has rich experience in EHA’s development and has implemented many cases. Here, only some representative cases are selected for display. Clients only need to provide detailed requirements when ordering products, not limited to the cases listed in this article.


        ? 基本型號 Basic typeHYC-EHA1kW-L50kN/100mm 

        ? 執行機構 Actuator:雙作用對稱缸 Symmetrical cylinder  

        ? 其他說明 Notes:雙側帶平衡閥;帶位移傳感器和壓力傳感器 

        Counterbalance valves on both sides; Equipped with displacement sensor and pressure sensor


        ? 基本型號 Basic typeHYC-EHA1.6kW-L6kN/170mm 

        ? 執行機構 Actuator:雙作用對稱缸 Symmetrical cylinder  

        ? 其他說明 Notes:動力源與執行器分體設計;雙側帶平衡閥; 


        The actuator installed separately from the power source; Counterbalance valves on both sides;Quick reset with a solenoid valve (spring-return)


        ? 基本型號 Basic typeHYC-EHA1kW-L50kN/50mm

        ? 執行機構 Actuator:雙作用對稱缸 Symmetrical cylinder  

        ? 其他說明 Notes:單側帶平衡閥;帶位移傳感器和壓力傳感器;


        Counterbalance valve on single side; Equipped with displacement sensor and pressure sensor;

        Quick reset with a solenoid valve (spring-return)


        ? 基本型號 Basic typeHYC-EHA0.6kW-L20kN/100mm 

        ? 執行機構 Actuator:雙作用對稱缸 Symmetrical cylinder 

        ? 其他說明 Notes:雙側帶平衡閥;帶位移傳感器和壓力傳感器;帶電磁閥應急換向 

        Counterbalance valves on both sides; Equipped with displacement sensor and pressure sensor;Solenoid valve for emergency reversing


        ? 基本型號 Basic typeHYC-EHA0.4kW-L20kN/100mm 

        ? 執行機構 Actuator:雙作用對稱缸 Asymmetrical cylinder 

        ? 其他說明 Notes:單側帶平衡閥;帶壓力傳感器和溫度傳感器 

        Counterbalance valve on single side;  Equipped with pressure sensor and temperature sensor


        ? 基本型號 Basic typeHYC-EHA23kW-L100kN/460mm

        ? 執行機構 Actuator:雙作用對稱缸 Asymmetrical cylinder 

        ? 其他說明 Notes:雙側帶平衡閥 ;帶壓力傳感器 

        Counterbalance valves on both sides; Equipped with pressure sensor


        ? 基本型號 Basic typeHYC-EHA0.4kW-L52kN/50mm

        ? 執行機構 Actuator:雙作用對稱缸 Asymmetrical cylinder 

        ? 其他說明 Notes:不帶平衡閥;帶位移傳感器和壓力傳感器 

        No counterbalance valve ; Equipped with displacement sensor and pressure sensor


        ? 基本型號 Basic typeHYC-EHA1kW-L47kN/300mm-DS 

        ? 執行機構 Actuator:雙作用對稱缸 Asymmetrical cylinder  

        ? 其他說明 Notes:適用于深海環境,抗海水腐蝕;帶位移傳感器;帶水壓補償器 

        Suitable for deep-sea environment,  resistant to seawater corrosion; Equipped with displacement sensor and water pressure compensator


        ? 基本型號 Basic typeHYC-EHA0.3kW-L3kN/100mm 

        ? 執行機構 Actuator作用柱塞缸 Plunger-type cylinder

        ? 其他說明 Notes:重量僅1.44kg;帶壓力傳感器;帶助力模式自動切換閥,電機停轉后油缸處于懸浮狀態,電機啟動后自動切換為工作模式 

        Weighs only 1.44kg ;Equipped with pressure sensor and automatic switching valve with power assisted mode, the cylinder is in suspension after the motor stops, then automatically switches to the working mode once the motor starts

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